· 12/2 - Key West, FL
· 12/4 - Key West, FL
· 12/7 - Key West, FL

· Full gig info


As some of you may know, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii last summer, sorry I never updated this! Totally love the land and the people here - we live in a rural area on the southeast coast, and were not in any danger from the threat of lava last year.


Autism Society of America Fundraiser Nov 1st at The Little Room by Tammy Camp

Amy Lee has been a resident of Key West since January 2012. She is a world class saxophonist and song writer, toured with Jimmy Buffett from 1991 – 2005, ushering in the age of the horns section in the Coral Reefer Band.

In 1990, Amy Lee was “discovered” by Charles Neville (yes.. of the Neville Brothers). Charles promptly asked Amy to join a jazz band he was forming in New Orleans. The following year, Charles once again proved to be the catalyst for Amy’s next career move. One evening at the jazz band’s rehearsal, Charles told her Jimmy Buffett would be playing at a bar right there in New Orleans that week and she should come out to the gig…. along with her sax….. since he’d been telling Jimmy all about her.

A little skeptical, Amy did just that. At some point in the night, Jimmy waved Amy on to the stage where she joined several Reefers who were masquerading as “Freddy & The Fishsticks” (Jimmy and the band’s somewhat secret alter ego back then). That very night, Jimmy asked Amy to join him on tour.

Amy Lee & Jimmy Buffett Rehersal at Fenway Park

Soon, Amy was in charge of the Coral Reefer horns section. By 1994, Amy was collaborating with Jimmy as a songwriter. She co-wrote “Fruitcakes” with Jimmy, which became the title track for the album and the summer tour name. We can also thank Amy for bringing us a few other great Jimmy Buffett songs she co-wrote, such as “Delaney Talks to Statues” (along with Mac McAnally) and “Bob Robert’s Society Band”.

Her absence from the Coral Reefer Band in 2006 was quite noticeable. Personally, I’ve been to well over 60 Buffett concerts since 1990, and for several years after her departure we reminisced about the days when Amy was blowing her sax. The horn section, especially Amy, were greatly missed.

In recent time, Amy has been “livin’ the life” in Key West with her husband, playing in a local jazz band named “Soul City”. Although she loves the Key West life, she and her husband have decided to move on to their next paradise…. Hawaii.

Amy’s Limited edition Leather (POLO by Ralph Lauren) brown bombers
Tour Jacket up for Charity Raffle

Her move will benefit The American Autism Society. Originally, Amy had planned a simple fundraiser to raffle off her Jimmy Buffett Tour Jacket from the 2004 License to Chill tour, but a recent trip to the storage unit changed her plans. “I have a lot of swag from my tour days that I am not taking with me because there is so so much” Amy declares. “I had no idea how much 15 years on tour with Jimmy could have accumulated.”

She’s putting it all in the raffle with hopes to bring in even more donations for the American Autism Society. “I have a lot of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, flip flops…. you name it.” Sizes range from Med. to XL.

Join Amy Lee and Woody Jenkins at The Little Room Jazz Club and help raise money for a great cause and hopefully… you’ll be leaving Key West with some great vintage Jimmy Buffett swag!

Autism Society of America Fundraiser
The Little Room Jazz Club
821 Duval Street
(3 blocks up from Margaritaville, starting just after the MOTM Street Fest)

5 pm – 9:30 pm Raffle tickets for sale
10 pm Winners Drawn (must be present to win)

Amy Lee & Woody Jenkins aka JENKINS LEE
Perform from 6 pm – 8 pm

Sunny Jim performs at 8:30 pm - midnight

$5 per raffle ticket for t-shirts, hats, windbreakers, etc..
$10 per raffle for Grand Prize: Men’s Small Official Jimmy Buffett Tour Jacket


Courtesy of:

Living in Key West now

In case anyone has missed it, I moved from Georgia to Key West in 2012! Playing around town ina duo with guitarist Woody Jenkins as Jenkins Lee, and in a Motown/R&B band called Soul City!

AllAboutJazz.com reviews Use Me

Use Me
Amy Lee | Publick Ptomaine Music
By Craig W. Hurst
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With Use Me, Decatur, Georgia-based multi instrumentalist Amy Lee presents a collection of ten tunes that further solidify a connection between contemporary “light” jazz and R&B/soul/funk. Her new recording has all of the hallmarks that identify her music with the popular jazz style—very precise production with multiple layers of electronically and acoustically generated sounds; tight, funky bass lines and other rhythm tracks that lock in a solid groove; and Lee's saxophone, full of soulful sounds inspired by the vocal inflections and styling of great blues and soul singers.

A further connection to her music as “instrumental soul,” however, is perhaps best exemplified in that her repertoire draws directly upon two great sources of 1970s R&B/soul, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. The title cut is Lee's instrumental cover of the classic song “Use Me,” recorded by Withers in 1972. She does a formidable job here covering the melody—so much so that you can almost hear her sax ”singing” Withers' lyrics. Like a bookend, Lee chooses to close her recording with Stevie Wonder's “Too Shy to Stay.” Her version is quite interesting and innovative, with the accompaniment of pedal steel guitar, which gives a haunting background to Lee's delicate yet throaty tenor saxophone.

Amy Lee is also a creative composer, having written six of the tunes on Use Me. Of the six, one tune that stands apart from the others is the bossa nova “Traz Da Lua.” Sung in Portuguese by vocalist Alice Genereux, the piece has that romantic yet genteel, laid back, cool-as-an-evening-breeze approach that makes us fond of Brazilian music. Lee's flute solo, albeit brief, and her instrumental comments behind the vocals certainly continue the smooth, mellow vibe brought on by this tune. The Jamaican reggae rhythm-inspired piece “Brite Eyes” is also one that stands out to this listener. Lee also demonstrates her talents as a multi-instrumentalist, playing three different saxophones and trombone on the tune.

Amy Lee's Use Me is recommended for listeners who enjoy the funky yet smooth sounds of contemporary “light” jazz.


Smother.net reviews Use Me

World Music, Adult Contemporary, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Classical

Amy Lee - Use Me
Buy it from InSound   Get this on iTunes
Amy Lee armed with her sexy saxophone plays some smooth tunes that are going to shake you out of your boots. The songs are constructed with a jazz club fully in mind and boast a compelling take on the smooth jazz workings that you traditionally hear at the end of the dial. Her abilities at not just songwriting but performance are intriguing and allows for no low-hanging fruit of lost melodies or notes, literally never filling any bar with unnecessary notes.
- J-Sin


Ink19.com Reviews Use Me

Amy Lee
Use Me
Publick Ptomaine Music

See the name, and one of two expectations for this CD are sure to come to mind: (1) slightly gothic pop a la Evanescence or (2) tropical rock. Both would be incorrect. This is not the same angelic-voiced Amy Lee of Evanescence fame, nor is this Amy Lee playing the same music she did with Jimmy Buffett. While the title track does conjure an island breeze, this is straightforward jazz -- and it's skillfully and attractively played. Her cover of Bill Withers's "Use Me" features some scorching sax, and it'll probably receive the most attention because of the Withers connection. However, this is an album that progressively improves as Lee tops herself with succeeding songs.

"Across the Water" slows the tempo; it is cinematic and gorgeous, evoking images of a romantic evening cruise. Lee's luscious saxophone playing carries the track through waves of crystalline harmony. More genial moods are represented on "Coming Home" and the especially catchy "In The Sun."

Two non-instrumentals, "Traz Da Lua" and "More to Love," are absolutely stunning, as Lee's sax is used to complement her emotionally powerful guest vocalists. Lee doesn't sing, and there's no reason to do so; her saxophone communicates enough feeling to interpret the stories she's telling. Just close your eyes and let the images run free.

Kyrby Raine


CDReviews.com reviews USE ME

Amy Lee – Use Me      
Written by Michael Sutton  

In the boys’ club monopoly on jazz, Amy Lee has had to face the unspoken barriers given to female soloists. Her drive to establish a place for herself in the community, as well as years of experience in perfecting her craft, produces the energy that her second album Use Me feeds from. This is a sleek, well-produced do-it-yourself album with major-league ambitions. A veteran saxophone player for Jimmy Buffett, Lee distances herself from her musical collaborator’s tropic-rock roots for a relaxing and at times exhilarating brew of smooth jazz and R&B.

There is both passion and versatility in Lee’s sax playing, whether it’s capturing the soulful pop of the Bill Withers title track or providing the romantic backdrops for her guest singers on “Traz Da Lua” and “More to Love.” While this is a commercial effort, Lee never sacrifices her artistry to appeal to the masses. A record mainly consisting of saxophone-fueled instrumentals may not be for everyone; however, Use Me is quite accessible. “Across the Water” and “In the Sun” are notable not just for their superb musicianship; they are tonics for a tired soul.

Lee distinguishes herself from her peers not just musically but in the album’s packaging as well. The CD is filled with photos that radiate red-hot sexuality albeit in a subtle and classy manner. It communicates the message that this isn’t a dull, cookie-cutter smooth jazz record. Far from it. This is a highly entertaining and thoroughly engaging release.  


Sonomu.net reviews Use Me

Amy Lee, Use Me

By Roger "Red" Byrne
Freelancers United, Inc.

Not being a fan of Jimmy Buffett, I came in with low expectations on Amy Lee's "Use Me" CD. For those who aren't aware, Lee is Buffett's saxophone player, and I was afraid this was going to be a lightweight platter of tropic pop. Thankfully, "Use Me" is nothing like that at all. Lee is obviously her own musician, following a vision that is completely outside of what she has done with Buffett.

Whether serious jazz buffs give this material validity is a matter I am not qualified to comment on. From a consumer's perspective, though, "Use Me" is slick and immaculately produced. Lee's players create a sharp unit, adding to the steady pulse of the rhythm and often intoxicating grooves on display.

"Across the Water" produces a sweltering nightclub ambience that lingers in the mind even long after it has stopped spinning in the player. "In The Sun" is another remarkable track as Lee juggles art and commerce, creating a toe-tapping number that is also artistically pleasing.

Much of "Use Me" is instrumental although it does contain detours into actual vocal work, the best of which is the drop-dead lovely "Traz Da Lua." Most of what is labeled smooth jazz these days lacks depth; where's the fire? On this record, Lee turns up the heat, and we sweat copiously in profound admiration.

(http://www.amyleesax.com) Posted by redbyrne at 07:02, 23 Aug 2005


USE ME Review from UK

Jimmy Buffett saxophone player Amy Lee releases new album mixing smooth jazz and R & B

After spending more than a decade in Margaritaville, one would expect Jimmy Buffett saxophone player Amy Lee (http://www.amyleesax.com) to create music reminiscent of the King of Trop Rock. But Lee, who has been a professional musician since the age of 16, has her own set of flavors. On her new self-released album Use Me, Lee uses the midnight-blue lushness of her sax playing to touch upon smooth jazz, R & B, and pop. Being an independent artist allowed Lee to venture into whatever territory she desired, and Use Me is a reflection of her influences including covers of classics from Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. According to Lee, Withers enjoyed her remake of "Use Me" so much that it became the first track he downloaded on his iPod.

In addition to performing and even writing songs with Buffett, Lee has worked with renowned artists such as Charles Neville, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell. However, Lee remains an unknown player, a gifted woman in a male-dominated field. Nevertheless, the personal vision of Use Me is about to turn heads, not only for its sexy, striking album cover, but also for the heartfelt and original sounds inside.

By Michael Sutton


whisperinandhollerin.co.uk reviews Use Me

'Amy Lee'
'Use Me'   
-  Label: 'Public Ptomaine Music'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '2004'-  Catalogue No: 'PPM-0402'

Our Rating: *********

The answer is yes. And the question? "Is the music as sexy as the album cover?"

The suggestively named - well, when you put it in the context of the pictures - "Use Me" has an air of moonlit sensuality that cannot be denied or resisted. Opening with a snappy cover of the Bill Withers title track, saxophonist Amy Lee (http://www.amyleesax.com) has created a mood movie on her latest album. This isn't your generic smooth jazz; every composition is played with as much heartfelt feeling as well as technical precision.

The upbeat "Across the Water" and the playful "Why You Wanna" allow Lee to display her considerable skills as a sax player, evoking a variety of moods, but her band is exceptional, too, generating wonderful chemistry. Listen to the dynamic bass in "Across the Water" or in "Coming Home" how everybody locks into a sizzling groove.

"Traz Da Lua," one of the few songs with vocals on it, is utterly beautiful. But even better is "More to Love," a gorgeously soulful ballad sung by Geoff McBride.   

However, with or without words Lee paints pictures with her sax, moving the heart and the mind with the brush strokes of her lips and fingertips. This is a classy, electrifying effort.   

author: Adam Harrington

Amy Lee Performing for Autism Society Convention

Jamie McMurray to Host “A Night in Nashville” for Autism Society of America. Saxophonist Amy Lee to Provide Entertainment

NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series star Jamie McMurray will continue his ongoing relationship with the Autism Society of America (ASA) when he hosts “Driving Autism Awareness: A Night in Nashville.” The fundraising event for the Autism Society of America will take place July 13 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. as part of ASA’s 36th Annual National Conference and Exposition.

McMurray will host a Q&A session and photo and autograph sessions during this event. Special guest saxophonist Amy Lee will be performing solo selections for the event and will also be on hand. Light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Tickets are $40 per person and are on sale now by visiting www.autism-society.org .

Following Wednesday night’s festivities, McMurray will host an exclusive special breakfast for ASA conference attendees and members on Thursday morning at the Renaissance Hotel. Tickets to the breakfast are $10 per adult; $5 per child under age 12 and can be purchased on www.autism-society.org .

“I’m really honored that the Autism Society of America asked me to be a part of their annual convention,” McMurray said. “The entire NASCAR community has really supported the ‘Driving Autism Awareness’ campaign that we started last year. The NASCAR fans continue to prove why they are the best in sports.”

“Obviously being a part of this has a personal connection for me since my niece is autistic,” McMurray added. “I’ve seen first-hand how autism effects an entire family. Hopefully we’ll be able to raise some awareness and money with this event.”

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets for both “Driving Autism Awareness: A Night in Nashville” ($40 per person on a first come, first served basis) and ASA’s conference attendees and members-only breakfast ($10 per adult; $5 per child under 12) can be purchased online at www.autism-society.org .

To reserve space today or for more information, contact Tiffany Gill, events coordinator, at tgill@autism-society.org or 301.657.0881 x127. Attendees of “Driving Autism Awareness: A Night in Nashville” will also receive a No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Dodge Charger die cast car as a special gift.


A review was written by Derek Knights
and can found on http://www.maplereefers.ca/amyreview.htm
Go to the link to read the review!

Amy's Music on The Weather Channel!!!

As of Hurricane Frances, mid Sept 2004, Amy's songs from both INSIDE THE OUTSIDE as well as USE ME are being played on The Weather Channel!

Watch and listen when watching "weather on the 8s" - you may be hearing some of Amy's songs!!!

Amy Lee in ROCKER GIRL Magazine!

August 2004 article

Amy to be featured on VPHC.com

Keep an eye out for the Virtual Parrot Head Club's Artist Spotlight of the month! Go to VPHC.com/news around June 9, 2004 to read the feature story on Amy.

Amy Lee, Coral Reefer Horns in Windplayer

The Coral Reefer horn section (including Amy, of course) is the subject of an article in this month's Windplayer magazine. Look for it in major bookstores and newsstands!

Reviews Roll In for 'Inside the Outside'

JPFolks: Smooth Sax stylings from Amy Lee are just the cure for any stressful day, I know as I have used it to relax several times over the last few months since receiving the excellent CD. I probably should have expected it after seeing Amy's cover, with her transcendental meditational pose and her cooler than cool sunglasses and attire. Most of you will know Amy as the Sax player/Arranger for Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers, but I was in some ways lucky to have really been introduced to her music separate from all that so I could gain an unbiased appreciation for her work, which I have. The melancholy "Consider this" is my favorite here, and it might lead me to order a double drink if I were in a smoky bar late at night, alone and contemplating life. And I mean that in a good way! Other stand out's include the upbeat "Little Tortoise Shell" and the ultra cool "UD1000N."

BoMuse Jazz 2: "Amy Lee plays a very full sounding alto saxophone and has superb control of her altissimo range. If you don't understand that, listen to this track." (Our Song)

Shawn's Top 10 Picks of the Week: Hi! If you've made it to this page, then you already know that I am a singer/songwriter/producer as well as a radio broadcaster at New York radio station WBAI 99.5 FM.... Nice R&B ballad with jazzy overtones. Amy is a talented saxophonist and Geoff McBride has a really emotive voice; he reminds me a little of Lillo Thomas.

Praise from Jimmy Buffett

In a recent online chat on America Online, Jimmy Buffett was asked, "Will you ever do a collaberation with other storytellers, like Tom T. Hall or the Charlie Daniels Band?"

His reply:

"Ummm.... as far as songwriting, I do most of my collaboration with what I feel are great writers in my own band. I write a lot with Mac Macanally, Roger Guth, Mike Utley, and Amy Lee so there is not a lot of room for collaboration with the writers you mentioned, though I am fans of their work."

You can read the complete transcript here.

You go girl!

Inside the Outside hits commercial radio

premieres July 25th on commercial
radio station KELO-FM!

On Sunday July 25, 1999, Rob
Joyce, the host of Sunday Night Jazz
on KELO-FM premiered music from
Amy Lee's CD "Inside the Outside".
KELO-FM was named in the Gavin
Music Awards as the "Best Small
Market Adult Contemporary Radio
Station in America" in 1998 and
1999. It is programmed by Reid
Holsen, winner of Gavin's "Best
Small Market Program Director
Award" in 1998 and 1999. You can
tune into KELO-FM by visiting

During Amy Lee's premiere, fans
from Alaska, Georgia and New York
phoned the radio station based in
Souix Falls, South Dakota to request
other selections off the album. This
surprised Mr. Joyce and gave a
mention to this while on the air about
the fans. "Inside the Outside" will be
on a weekly rotation during
KELO-FM's Sunday Night Jazz
program which starts at 8pm Central.